Motion Picture


Creative Direction

Art Direction


Concept, creative direction and production of high-end motion pictures
for external & internal communication and marketing.
Consulting for audiovisual communications.

Expertise in automotive films and corporate communications.

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    • Development of audiovisual communication strategies
    • Crossmedia concepts
    • Seeding
    • Budgeting


    • Live-action film
    • CGI and visual-effects film
    • Stereo-3d film
    • Motion-graphic design


    • Automotive
    • Corporate
    • Exhibition
    • Feature
    • Product
    • Spots
    • Virals

    Motion Pictures

    • Film Editing: Theory + Style
    • Video Editing: Final Cut Pro
    • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere



  • All
  • real
  • cgi & design
  • automotive
  • corporate
  • graphic

About Me

Visionary. Creative. Positive. Full energy. Subtle. Responsible. Organized. Intuitive. Mentoring.
Design loving. Technology obsessed. Greedy for knowledge. Film freak.
Enthusiastic. Passionate. Megalomaniac. With heart and blood.
That’s me.

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